Thakurgaon woman hospitalised after getting vaccinated twice in a day

Officials from the Thakurgaon Health Complex said that a woman was mistakenly given two doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

Fensi Akter (39), wife of Tajim Uddin, Chhotasingia Village in Charol union, the upazila was admitted to the hospital after she became ill from two doses of Tuesady vaccination.

Fensi Akther stated that she went to Baliadangi Upazila Health Complex after receiving a mobile SMS. She received the second dose of vaccine.

Fensi was first given a dose of Sinopharm vaccine by the on-duty nurse. Before Fensi could understand anything, another nurse took another dose of Sinopharm vaccine and shoved it into her arm.

The woman fell ill and was later admitted to the hospital.

Abul Kashim, Baliadangi Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer, stated that vaccine seekers are crowding around the booth and are having difficulty handling them every day.

The doctor said that the woman was fine but feeling sick from anxiety after receiving two vaccine jabs.


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